A key strength at Macquarie University Hospital and Clinic is the use of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach to prostate cancer care that delivers coordinated services for patients. These teams engage all relevant specialties so patients have all the relevant medical specialists as part of their team. Importantly, all members of our multidisciplinary team are all located at Macquarie University Hospital, making it easy and convenient for patients to see a variety of specialists. For urology patients, the multidisciplinary team can be made up of:

Urologists: Some of Sydney’s most outstanding specialists and surgeons offering high-quality care and broad knowledge across all urological conditions.

Radiation Oncologists: Experts in using robotic, MRI, CT and ultrasound approaches to making the most accurate diagnosis. Intra-operative theatres at the Hospital allow doctors access to advanced imaging during procedures.

Medical Oncologists: Specialising in urological cancers, our oncologists are at the forefront of innovative treatments in cancer treatment. Many participate in clinical trials, and are able to give patients access to the latest cancer therapies.

Nursing Staff: Nurses on our team all have advanced specialist training in urological oncology. We have a dedicated Prostate Cancer Nurse, who guides patients through the treatment process and is on hand to answer any questions that you or your family might have.

Allied Health Professionals: Physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians and social workers all play a key role in supporting you before, during and after treatment.